How do I sell my key?
Selling your key can be done in a few simple steps.

How do I buy a key?
Learn how to place bids and purchase bot keys.

How does BotBroker guarantee security?
Read about measures we take to make BotBroker 100% scam free from either end of a transaction.

How do I transfer my Discord access?
Learn how we treat bound keys & give buyers Discord access.

How does our pricing work?
Read where your fees go and what you're really paying for.

How do I confirm receipt of my key?
Learn how to confirm the receipt of your key and complete your purchase.


How long do payouts take?
PayPal payouts can take up to 5 business days, but most get sent out within 48 hours.

Can I get a refund?
No. All sales are final.

Why was I charged for placing a bid?
When you place a bid we create an authorized charge so we can capture it during a sale. This may show as a pending charge, but you are not actually charged and money is not taken from your account.

Do the bots come with Discord?
Yes. Every single bot you purchase on BotBroker will give you full ownership and Discord access.

How do I contact support?
You can email us at [email protected]

Do bots come with a burner Discord and email?
No, all keys after purchase are reshuffled, unbound, and are treated like a fresh key.

Why was my bid cancelled after 30 days?
PayPal authorizations expire, and we can no-longer re-authorize after 30 days.

My PayPal email doesn't match my BotBroker email. What can I do?
Learn how to change your PayPal email here.

You're saying my PayPal isn't verified. What can I do?
Make sure your PayPal account is actually verified by following the guide here.

What does 'invite' mean on certain asks and bids?
Invite codes to groups mean you'll still need to pay to join the group.

Can I buy a renewal listing if I dont own the bot?
Yes, renewal listings come with a full license, but your key must be periodically renewed.

Can I continue paying for renewal keys or do they just expire?
When you purchase a renewal key you can pay for it to continue the license. It does not need to expire at the 'expiration date' shown.

Are the bots legit and safe?
All bots on the site are officially partnered with us, and we take extensive measures to ensure each listing's validity.

How do I get technical support for bots I have purchased?
For specific support with your purchased bot, please contact the respective bot company for assistance.

How can I get coupons?
If you want coupons, follow our Instagram and stay tuned for any opportunities.

BotBroker does not support my bot. How can I sell an unsupported bot?
We're constantly adding new partners to our site for sale. If you'd like to see your bot on BotBroker, urge your bot company to get in touch with us about joining the BotBroker team.

How do I get rid of the authorizations from a bid?
Cancelling your bid will void the authorization. It may take a couple business days to properly reflect the change on your statement.

Payment could not be processed and my bid was cancelled. What does this mean?
This usually means that after the authorization promise period, we attempted to capture the authorization and you no longer had the available funds.

What do the labels next to listings mean?
Certain bots and groups have different types of keys, and having specifications lets you know what's available and what isn't.

I am not getting an email verification. What can I do?
Email [email protected] from the email you're attempting to verify and we can manually verify you.

Something was wrong with my ask and it was cancelled. Why?
This usually means that between your listing and purchase, something changed about your key and we could not transfer ownership to the buyer.
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